The Visual Dictionary of the Human Body

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Beautiful, interesting, and academic: the visible Dictionary of the Human physique is an integral family members reference, and a useful gizmo to obtain vocabulary and observe the complexity of the human body.

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Cochlea cóclea F Sensory organ of listening to, shaped of a spiral tube choked with fluids; it gets the vibrations of the ossicles and transforms them into nerve impulses. exterior acoustic meatus meato M auditivo externo Bony canal wherein sounds captured by way of the pinna succeed in the eardrum. around window ventana F redonda Outlet wherein sound vibrations go away the cochlea after stimulating the organ of Corti. tympanic membrane tímpano M skinny membrane of connective tissue last the doorway to the center ear and transmitting the sound vibrations to the ossicles. 129 feel ORGANS exterior acoustic meatus meato M auditivo externo Bony canal wherein sounds captured by means of the pinna achieve the eardrum. odor olfato M experience during which odors are perceived. feel ORGANS sagittal element of nasal hollow space corte M sagital de las fosas F nasales Regeneration Nasal cavities: every one of 2 cavities, separated through the nasal septum and starting in entrance during the nostrils and in again into the pharynx. Olfactory cells are it sounds as if the one neurons within the human physique in a position to regeneration. they've got a existence span of approximately 60 days. olfactory epithelium epitelio M olfativo Sensory organ of odor lining the roof of the nasal cavities; it contains hundreds of thousands of olfactory cells whose stimulation through odorous molecules generates a nerve sign. olfactory bulb bulbo M olfativo growth of nerve tissue hooked up to the olfactory nerves; it serves as a relay in transmitting olfactory info to the cerebrum. frontal sinus seno M frontal hollow space within the frontal bone, connecting with the nasal cavities and warming inhaled air. cribriform plate of ethmoid bone placa F cribosa del hueso M etmoide reduce part of the ethmoid bone wherein the olfactory nerves move. inhaled air aire M inspirado nasal conchae conchas F nasales Bony extensions of the lateral wall of the nasal cavities, helping hot and humidify inhaled air. nasopharynx rinofaringe F top a part of the pharynx connecting with the nasal cavities. nose fosa F nasal Orifice of the nostril by which air enters the nasal cavities. taste bud paladar M blando Muscular membranous wall isolating the pharynx and buccal hollow space; it assists particularly in ingestion of foodstuff and vocalization. challenging palate paladar M duro Bony separation among the buccal and nasal cavities, prolonged through the taste bud. one hundred thirty mouth boca F preliminary a part of the digestive tube made from a hollow space (oral hollow space) surrounded by way of lips; it permits the ingestion of foodstuff and performs a task in tasting, talking and respiring. odor mechanism of odor mecanismo M de l. a. olfacción F Odorous molecules getting into the nasal cavities are dissolved within the nasal mucus, then stimulating the olfactory cells that generate nerve signs transmitted to the mind through the olfactory nerves. cerebral cortex córtex M cerebral Superficial layer of the cerebral hemispheres, during which smells are perceived and consciously analyzed. experience ORGANS limbic method sistema M límbico all of the nerve constructions associating perceived smells with feelings and thoughts.

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