Cutting the Body: Representing Woman in Baudelaire's Poetry, Truffaut's Cinema, and Freud's Psychoanalysis (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism)

This e-book is ready how poets, filmmakers, and psychoanalysts glance upon the feminine physique, how they learn it as though dissecting it--at occasions relishing it, at others anguishing over its fragmentation. Eliane DalMolin examines how Charles Baudelaire, François Truffaut, and Sigmund Freud, in accordance with their inheritance of lyricism, formed and perpetuated a cultural figuring out of ladies that they endured to symbolize in overdue romantic photos, regardless of their respective cutting edge abilities and affects in bringing approximately 3 decisive cultural moments: modernism, New Wave cinema, and psychoanalysis.
The work's originality comes essentially from its designated summoning of 3 particular disciplines round the idea of the lower. It locations the advanced wish to reduce the woman's physique on the middle of an research of male identification in Western tradition via incisive discussions of poetry, cinema, and psychoanalysis. The phrases of this inquiry expose an uncanny male disposition to femininity and motherhood, and its direct implication in efficient acts of slicing. Cutting the Body will attract literary students, movie experts, feminist theorists, and specialists in psychoanalytical theory.
Eliane DalMolin is affiliate Professor of French, college of Connecticut. She is coeditor of Sites: The magazine of 20th-Century/Contemporary French Studies.

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Skip- ing, even denying, the umbilical minimize because the fundamental annoying separation for all topics, Freud posits the instant of castration on the beginning of human sexual improvement, and because the primary minimize to the certainty of all next mental traumas. French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan insists at the thought of cuts while he analyzes the development of the sub- ject, its entering the signifying international from "nothing" to whatever "divided. "1 but the department slicing the topic right into a signifier and a signified turns out so distant from the concept that of the physique that the query as to the particular signification of the physique in psychoanalysis needs to be raised. In psychoanalysis the physique is the human prototype for all separation to come, it's the position the place primal divisions happen. in brief, the physique is the locus of the minimize. with a view to comprehend the physique, for you to converse concerning the physique we needs to first minimize it up: "We comprehend the which means of the physique in basic terms after we reduce and manage it with the signifier," says Serge Andre, a French psychoanalyst who pursues a similar plan of action proposed by way of Lacan almost about the position performed via the physique within the formation of the topic of language. 2 as soon as delivered to signification, as soon as represented by means of lan- guage, as soon as, in Barthes's phrases, "gathered to be expressed,"3 the physique is lower back, fetishized through language: "The overall physique needs to return to the ashes of phrases, the gradual dripping of information, the monotonous stock of elements, fragmentation: language undoes the physique, returns it to fetishism" (120). four It is the dissecting and signifying motion of language at the physique that defines the lifestyles of the physique in language. The physique is figured within the discourses of literature, cinema, and psychoanalysis as a symbolized item bring to a halt from the genuine physique yet inseparable from the motion of slicing that determines its illustration. ch3. qxd 05/09/2000 4:34 PM web page seventy eight seventy eight * slicing the physique Psychoanalysis has in different phrases turn into a discourse established round the query of physique cuts, beginning with Freud's concept of the castration complicated. This idea is predicated seriously on an recognition of the figurative reduce- ting up of the physique. The physique so much deeply implicated during this symbolic lower- ting is that of lady; her figurative dismemberment is the foundation of the Freudian theories of castration, decapitation, and fetishism, the basis upon which the relevant construction block of psychoanalysis, the Oedipus advanced, rests. simply because castration, decapitation, and fetishism are so imperative to Freudian psychoanalysis, i'm going to examine the best way their dissect- ing mode could be traced not just in Freud's analyses but in addition in Truffaut's movies and Baudelaire's poems. through focusing for now at the dissecting func- tion in those 3 our bodies of labor, my goal is to teach that the psycho- analyst, the filmmaker, and the poet percentage a few perspectives at the repre- sentation of the feminine physique and they will be understood by means of critics as influencing one another's artistic and analytical productions in addition to par- ticipating within the development of woman's cultural picture, anything that every one may perhaps not really have completed inside their remoted, person dis- ciplines.

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